Reconsidering riding through winter
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Thread: Reconsidering riding through winter

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    Reconsidering riding through winter

    Just because of the Knight street bridge.

    Had a little scare last night, l I changed lane and rolled on the throttle, nothing extreme I was taking it easy, it was raining after all. My rear end spinned and kicked out.

    Equation to remember: rain+concrete bridge=not much traction.

    Anyway, I am still here, and so is the bike and the bridge. Since the bridge is on my daily commute from little china to burnaby I am concerned something like that might happen again. Add a little ice and I could be flying southbound in a northbound lane...

    If I have to chose a way to die, it would be a fiery crash on my bike, but I would much rather at least test ride the new R1 before I do that...

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    Those steel expansion joints are slipery. Same as manhole covers, grates, paint, tar snakes and just about everything else Expecially good are those rubber railroad track crossing pads.
    Knowing that they are slipery is 90% of the problem solved already.

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    I ride all year long, and you just have to be more aware of the road surfaces during the winter, looking out for things to avoid like "ridenrain" mentioned. Also, as you have already discovered, be very gentle with the throttle, and use minimal back brake (so as not to get the rear end sliding around), and allow a lot more stopping distance.
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    Buddy. That's scary! I know just what you're talking about.

    I don't think i'd bother riding through the winter. the weather's just shit.

    IT gives me shivers to think about what'd happen , if like you say, you wiped out on that bridge with traffic stollin the other direction.

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    you survived, so now you're a better rider. just keep at it, and practise beng super smooth with the throttle.

    i'll be riding through the winter as well (white rock to van), so gimme me a wave if i see ya on the 99 (red ducati)

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    When you get you're bike out , check the puddles for ice. If water is still water, you're good to go. If it's ice, then you might want to take it a little easier.

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    you live to ride again.and youve learned.glad to here your all right.remember not to ride it like you stole it when its raining.Hey,after last nights ride home in the down pour,im looking forward to cranking it in about 45 mins....the sun is shining on my screen.heheheheheh

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    riding in the winter = dual-sport bike

    Ture, everything will still be slippery, but you will be a lot happier when you bin it, pick it up, kick the bars straight and carry on.

    I think a DRZ400 would be just about right. You can find them fairly cheap.

    I know if I lived in Vancouver, I would ride all year long.
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    just gotta be extra careful when riding in the rain, smoothness is key, leave extra room in front of ya. The one thing i hate about rain, is visibility, it's really bad, especially at night time
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