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Thread: god...

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    today finally it was a bit sunny and i went up S2S damn, it was awsome to get out from not ridin 3 days in a row... i just started ridin this summer and seriously only 3 days non ridin i'm goin insane i don't know what to do in the winter... how do you guys and gals get through this problem!??!?!

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    none at the moment
    sit on my bike in the livingroom in full gear and make "vroom" vroom" sound
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    lol im gonna try goin through winter

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    Sex.Lots of it. Partner optional.

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    Originally posted by Summer
    Sex.Lots of it. Partner optional.
    I see you have your off season all planned out

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    well...its been since july for me...so it the mean time i have done the following...

    1.) dawned full gear and watched racing videos...leaning from side to side
    2.)played video games with my helmet on.
    3.) taped audio of motorcycles and played it while driving around.

    although not a substitute it has been proven that you can survive on motorcycle videos throught the duration of a 3-4 mth riding break
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    Snowmobiling baby!
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    how do you guys and gals get through this problem!??!?!
    by ridin'

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    I just have to go look at my bike... and sometimes hug it.

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    Wow, some of you people are REALLY into it.

    Although it's been fun and all for the past few months since I started, I've gone several days at a time without riding without craving for it... guess I'm not as hardcore as you other peeps.

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    I rode for 1 month, and lost my bike. I still think about riding every night, but it's fading. This site definately doesn't help. If I had a helmet, it'd be on my head right now. ICBC stole it... or bought it from me. Best I can do is put the rest of my gear on, maybe put on a bike helmet and ride my mountain bike around. I should get a picture.

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    WEll....this thread's already good news, mikey!

    i thought it was goin to inform us you biffed the gixxer. whew!

    I see i get by in the same fashion as many of the others.

    I've found sledding to be the best thing to get by....high speed, trackies (snowmobile wheelies ) carving's a lot like cornering, only better, and you can do jumps! not to mention you can do 180 just a blisterin down a trail, and not even so much as think about a cop. (for how long i don't know...but the woods are deep for hiding bodies! ).
    So yeah. that and boarding, and you could always be like Max, and sit on your bike in your house, only you could go one step further by purchasing a race stand, and some foil ducting to hook up to the pipe and vent it out the window...and then not have to make the "vroom vroom" sounds!

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    Re: god...

    Originally posted by MCSOULJAH
    ... how do you guys and gals get through this problem!??!?!

    You are sitting in front & looking at the solution right now.!!
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