Heated Hand Grips
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    Heated Hand Grips

    Hi everyone,

    Bare with me, I'm having a hard time explaining this...

    I have purchased some of those warming plates/stikers that go under the original hand grips of a bike and keep them warm.

    It's basically the same kind of system as the rear window defogger on a car..does that make any more sense?

    Anyways, I'm just wondering what it the best technique to install those on an R6. I don't want to damage anything and I want to do a nice clean job without any wires hangning anywhere.

    If anyone out there has advice for me on how to even remove the R6 hand grips, it would be much appreciated.

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    Get the boy friend to install it, lol.

    Go big or go home

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    You'll most likely have to slice off the old grips. If the glue's
    weak, you might be able to insert an airhose with a needle
    attachement under and blow them off.

    Be careful, there's usually a plastic slide under the throttle
    grip, you don't want to hack that up.

    Hairspray makes a great grip adhesive.

    Here's a page a buddy of mine did:


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    I just installed grip heaters on my bike. It wasn't that hard, but took a while for me to figure things out.

    Bar end screws have lock-tite on them and can be difficult to remove. Use a good screw driver of the right size.

    Grips are usually installed with glue. Slide a long, thin screw driver or similar implement under the grip and work it around the circumference of the bar to break the glue loose.

    If you have some compressed air, squirt some under the grip while pulling and it will slide right off.

    Or you can squirt some brake cleaner or contact cleaner under the grip and it will slide off easily.

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    A shot of wd40, then the flat head screwdriver work well to remove the grips without damaging anything.
    VMAX sold :(

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