bike/class advice for next year
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Thread: bike/class advice for next year

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    bike/class advice for next year

    Hey guys,

    I was at the mission races on the 5th and watching solidified my desire to get my racing off the street, and do some ghetto budget track racing for next year.

    I was looking at the different classes of bikes and noticed two classes that include bikes I could afford.

    1. Formula 2-Fzr400's
    2. Formula 3-inline4's up to 1990-I would get a Fzr600

    On Sunday I didn't notice either of these two classes running (I could be mistaken). Do enough people participate in these classes so that they are run every weekend, or would I just get bumped to general novice? (In which case I would get slaughtered against the newer machinery)

    Any info people want to contribute would be excellent. Thanks.


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    Yes both classes ran on sunday, they were two of the best races of the day. One had two red flags the other had a real good battle of a kx500 and a rs 125, the 125 was me. If you are wanting to get into racing try and buy the newest bike that you can afford the fzr's are getting a little old, harder to find parts for. if you wanted to run f2 than get a sv650 you can get a race only one for a really good price this time of year, with that bike you could then run f2 and sv cup, which is alot of fun. Brian #82

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    you can find f3/f4/f4i for really chep if you look, along with r6 (a lil more expensive) pretty much anything you want as an icbc write off or track ready bike, i got my 01f4i for 4400, that was on the higher end of the scale. You can get a race ready bike for 5-6k (and by race ready i meen with most of the bits n pieces you want) for a starter track bike 2-4k is a good bracket to expect to spend. all comes down to looking. talk to mark kruger at rms, tell him you are looking for a track bike, ask him if he has any he knwos about, and also if he knows where else you can ask (thats how i got mine and yamaholic his) talk to marbod at mspeed, ask same thing. turbo sonoma can bid on icbc write offs for you, tho i find his prices expensive. i think scheme is still selling his f4, twisted sub frame but otherwise a good bike (subframe dont meen much on a track bike) i know bruce has a lot of fun on his f2.

    hope that helps a lil

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    Jayson is right when he said that Bruce has fun on his F2. And fun is what you should be looking for when you get out there.

    You don't know me but if you are coming out to Mission next year you will. I act as the Novice Rep' for the WMRC and as such try and steer new riders in the right direction. I see from your post that you are looking at a budget race program. So here are a few things for you to consider.

    If you can't put a match to your ride and walk away you've spent too much. One bad crash and it's over.

    Tires are expensive. High HP eats tires. R6s and such will use a set up real quick. A few races and it's time to change them. Big $$$$

    You'll need to take a Race School. Westcoast Superbike will set you up. Book now for their first Spring School.

    You'll need race gear. Leathers(full one pc) A few helmets. Spine protector. Boots This stuff is real important. Doesn’t matter what you fall off. A crash is a crash.

    Most Novice racers can't use the handling or the power of their bike right away. Better to have a little less power to start and focus on the fundamentals. You can always go bigger latter. Or you could start of on a Moto GP bike and go slow forever....

    I could go on. But I think you know were this is going.

    Your statements on getting a FZR 400 or 600 are by far the best way to go. They may be older and slower but they are cheaper. (Brian, the bEaV, started on a RZ-350) Remember we all start off slow. I would like to see you enjoy your first few years of racing and with luck you'll stick with it. Jumping in over your head and buying an expensive overpowered race bike may end up leaving a sour taste in your mouth.

    Stefan M. WMRC #19 / Novice Rep'
    Stefan Medlicott
    NFG Racing

    "I guarantee that it will start, and I guarantee that it
    will blow up. I cannot guarantee the time between those two events."

    "....those who go for broke often get there...."

    "Buy in Haste, Repent at Leisure."

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    Good advice from everyone. If you decide to go with an older 600 ('88-'92 or so), you may be interested to know that WMRRA has special classes for these bikes, so an old FZR600 or CBR600 might serve you well at both tracks in your first year.

    What Brian said about SVs is true, too. I raced Kathy Hubble's SV a couple of times this year and want to get one of my own for next season. They handle extremely well with limited mod's, won't overwhelm you with power you're not ready for, but provide all the power you need to have fun and do well at Mission. And, yes, that V-twin power and sound are addictive and bring you as close to racing a Ducati as you may ever get!
    "When in doubt, FLAT OUT!"

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