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    Question What would you rather?

    What would you rather in a new bike - more horsepower or more torque for a commuter bike with the occational highway ride? Does anyone know how acceleration is affected by torque?

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    i'd rather have something with more torque for fast getaways from the lights, and less gearchanging.

    but it's all relative as a bike like an R1 has more torque than something like a HD Sportster 1200. the R1's torque is higher up the rev range, but the light weight of the bike means that not so much is needed to make it move.

    confused? me too . . . . . . . . .

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    It's all good, but torque is the best for riding in-town. It's a balance thing though, you don't want to have a mountain of torque and bugger all horsepower because then your first gear is so tall it's a bitch to ride in stop-and-go traffic. Exhibit A: RC51
    What was it all about?

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