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    Racing Legend Dies

    October 09/03- Ken Maely died of a heart attack at age 78.

    Most people outside of the racing community aren't aware of Ken Maely and his contribution to the sport of motorcycle racing but non the less he played a huge role in the sport.

    Ken was known as the "Steel Shoe King" for his hot shoes that he made for years. He started making shoes as a racer out of need. He built a good business out of it with his shoes being worn buy all the great racers that came through the dirt track and speedway ranks, guys like Kenny Roberts and many others that went on to be world champs in their own right.

    Maely was also a huge supporter of young rider development. He built a training facility on his "Hot Shoe Ranch" in Corona Calif. I had the honor of visiting the ranch in '97, meeting Ken and experiencing his hospitality. He seemed so happy to greet people to his place and he truely loved motorcycle racing of all kinds.

    He fought a long legal battle to keep his property form developers when he stood to make millions form it. When asked why he said " if I sell, where will the kids go to learn to ride".

    Ken Maely was a great piller in the racing community and a great man. He once said " when I sell a hot shoe to someone, I don't get a new customer, I get a new friend".

    Rest in peace Ken.

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    yeah i read an article in Cycle World about a year or so ago about Ken and the shoes and his ranch. i love people like that who aren't in it for the money but for the smiles and the love. life is about the love. if ya ain't got it, ya ain't got squat. rest in peace Ken.
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    Rest in Peace Ken...

    thanks for the writeup Derek
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    Great guy sorry to hear, he will greatly be miss

    may he rest in peace

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    Karl Hungus
    Sounds like a great life lived.

    RIP Ken.

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    what an awesome dude, he gave basically his whole life for motorcycling and the sport.... RIP ken, the motorcycle world won't be the same without you

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    I love hearing about people who pursue what they love over money. Sounds like he was a great guy. RIP Ken.
    My blood hurts.

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    Always a double shame to lose a person who is absolutely passionate about their sport AND principles. Rare indeed.
    Rest now.......

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    rip man
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    That just sucks.

    I never knew the guy existed.
    But from that write-up alone, i would've never wished death to knock his door.
    this is very sad indeed. it's not often you hear about such a person who's interest is to benefit others, rather then himself.

    Derek- that write-up was simply, nothing less, then exquisite.
    you captured that man's very essence of being.
    The kind of portrayal the restores your faith in humanity.
    a cling to hope ,that there's still good in this world.

    I thank you for taking the time, to do such just.


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    Be Happy for this moment.... This moment is your life.

    It is not about Anger,
    It's about Peace.
    It is not about Power,
    It's about Grace.
    It is not about knowing your enemy,
    It's about knowing yourself.

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    He looks happy in that picture.

    This thread could use a bit more exposure, ttt.
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