Has track days killed your desire to street ride??

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Thread: Has track days killed your desire to street ride??

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    Has track days killed your desire to street ride??

    just like what the subject says, just wondering how many people gave up on street riding and found it safer and more fun on the track?
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    It hasn't completely killed my desire to ride on the street, but it has made it seem a lot more boring. It also makes me less inclined to push my limits on the street. I think that almost everyone that's ridden on the track has a different outlook on street-riding afterwards.

    Either way, I'm completely addicted to the track
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    I prefer the track over street riding and since I can't afford to do both, for 2003 I have mainly done track, it's been hard, but I know I am safer on the track...
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    You will rarely find me on the streets of Vancouver even on the nicest of days. Couldn't be f*cked to go for a street ride in traffic.

    Most of my riding consists of long day trips or multi day trips. But to get my fix for the summer, the Breakfast Club rides to Squamish early weekend mornings satisfy.

    Track days have definately taken the urge off street riding though. Or at least riding hard off the track.
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    Hell no!.

    I dont have the balls to race and I dont like to take my bike on track days `cus I cant afford to replace it if I crash.

    I have done one track day at the Seattle track in 1999(i think).It really makes me nervous having riders around you in close proximity,and I did some gardening in turn 10(off and on).The time I really enjoyed myself was when everyone went in for lunch,I was doing laps.I did about 7 laps when I heard someone behind me on the back straight.I got through turn 7,went wide and looked over my shoulder and there was Chris May in his sidecar!.

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    i was wrecked on the street after I found track, the street just wasnt fun when I knew how much fun it was on the track.

    until I found supermoto that is. now I can go to a track and have so much fun, but even on the streets these things are crazy. too much fun


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    Street was boring from the start. I began in the dirt, progressed to racing MX and Enduro, then found Street. Then Racing found me.

    The first street bike that turned me on was a RD 350 Daytona Special, done up with DG parts and a mild tune. From then on it's been a search for the ultimate Track / Street Two Stroke.

    I've been playing with me RD 350 LC for years now but having tasted a CR 500 Motard I think thats the next step. We'll see.....
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    no it hasnt ruined it at all,i commute on my 1000 all year and enjoy it much more than driving the cage.it seams to clear yer head before and after work much better than sittin in a car as well.

    i also think it depends on the riding you do really,do you enjoy it for just the speed?scenery?fresh air?freedom?iam the latter of the group.

    racing is awesome but after 10years of it you may look at differant and enjoy the street(scenery?fresh air?freedom?)again.

    unless yer a paid rider and make decent money at it, it'll wear off.
    maybe not now,not in a few years,but it will.

    just my .02
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    I'm with John. The two CAN complement each other. I find myself just enjoying the ride on the open road. Oh sure, now and then a nice clear, clean freeway onramp curve or a long set of back road twisty's will get me to toss 'er in and carve around but for the most part I've never been one to push the limits on the street. Even on unknown twisty back roads I never have let myself go beyond what I could stop within. But I've definetley noticed I'm not looking for those corners as much any more.

    For the most part I use my street bike for longer day trips or multi-day tours. Now and then I'll ride to work but the thought of a cross town trip in the traffic we "enjoy" these days fills me with dread at the wristpain and boredom involved.

    Then there was the "true confessions" by Troy (Stykman) in another thread. He hates riding sport bikes on the street because they encourage him to go at a race pace or they just aren't fun. He recognizes that this is a short trip to the "dark place" and now, for the most part, when he street rides it's with a cruiser. He said it makes him slow down and enjoy the scenerey.

    I think he's got something there.....
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    It ruined it for me...

    I can't afford to insure a street bike and do trackdays...so I'm opting to only do the latter for next season. I'll definately be back on a street-going sportbike at some point, but not until I know I can afford it.

    I don't get a rush out of backroads riding anymore. Ask me how many "real rides" I've been on this season? I can probably count them on two hands. And that was more for the company that was along for the ride, rather than the ride itself. Multi-day touring trips are fun though...that's been my only really enjoyable riding I've done outside the track this season.

    However, I do enjoy commuting on my bike (I know a lot of people HATE doing that) to work and school. So I will still keep a streetbike...but it's gonna be some POS that's more than 15 years old and less than 400cc.
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    It has not ruined it for me. Riding on the street and riding on the track are two different things; they are fun for different reasons.
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    street riding for me is very boring, the only thing that makes me want to continue street riding, is the communte.. i hate cars

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    i still like to street ride. Always have. I like to travel on a sportbike too. But, this is because i live in spain and well traveling is so much more fun. Sprited riding, for the most part, but nothing radical at all -- although if i canada or US it would mean ticket hell... ... :-|

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    I haven't been on the track yet, but i can't see it killing my joy for riding.....sure t he all out blaze of twisting would come as a lack, and the smooth predictable surfaces.....but where on the track can you throw a girl on the back and hit up a starbucks? or take a nice cruise through the country ?

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    it has pretty much killed the joy for street riding for me, but i still ride on the street, more so for commuting.
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