Repairing Dented Tank
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Thread: Repairing Dented Tank

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    Repairing Dented Tank

    Hi guys,

    I bought a winter project (damaged 99 R6 track bike). It has a rather large flat spot in the tank from a high side.

    Would it be frowned upon at the track if I were to fill it in with fiberglass and bondo, or is it a fairly common repair?

    Also, I am looking for a Preload Adjuster for the bike (as mine has damage on the adjuster screw). If you know someone with a set of bent forks or spares, please let me know.

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    damaged tank? just a big dent in it? if so, there are body shops that can repair that. I think auto-mind in burnaby can do that.
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    Some of the tanks that I've seen at the track . Fix it or leave it. I've seen home bondo jobs where it wasn't really even sanded after and just painted over. Or the flat spot just left as is and paited over, or not. It's a track bike, it all depends how nice you want it to look. Any competent shop can fix it for a price or you can fix it yourself.

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