RG-Racing Crash Protectors, Cotton Reels, Can Cover
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Thread: RG-Racing Crash Protectors, Cotton Reels, Can Cover

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    RG-Racing Crash Protectors, Cotton Reels, Can Cover

    Please move if in the wrong forum, thanks.

    I bought the crash protectors, cotton reels, and can cover from www.rg-racing.com for my SV650SK3, but they have them for many models. I had read about them in UK motorcycle magazines (the only ones to buy) and they gave them a high rating. UK magz are known for calling shit products shit whenever they see fit. They don't really need the advertisers money since there is usually 4 pages of porn in the back to pay for the mag, but enough about that.

    All the items are top quality kit and were just as described. They may be a bit more expensive. but I believe that you usually get what you pay for. They are also used on some of the UKs top race bikes.

    Crash Protectors

    I haven't had a chance to test these and hope I never will. They mount by removing the main bolt that goes through the engine, right at the "V". The bolt is replaced by a high strength metal rod that is threaded at each end. Nylock nuts and a flat washer on each end hold the metal 'cups' in place.

    The cups fit into the frame of the bike. There is a small diameter cup and a large diameter cup. It would be pretty had to screw up putting these on, but I guess a BFG will make anything work. I chose to use the correct cup and the correct side. Then installed the flat washer and nylock nut onto each side.

    After tightening the nuts to the correct torque setting (in the manual) I proceeded to install the actual black portion or protector. Each side threads into a cup. They are not side specific and are the same length and diameter. They thread into the cup approximately 1.5"~2.0". There are many threads and they are cut deep into the material. Overall, extremely strong. I stood on them and there was no flex (I weigh 220lbs).

    Here are a few pix, sorry about the blue color, I had to do it fast at work. They stick out quite far, much farther than the radiator, yet seem to look as if they were installed right at the factory.

    Cotton Reels

    I chose these swingarm spools (cotton reels) since they are made of the same material as the crash protectors. They also sell the metal ones, but say that the cotton ones provide swingarm protection. I have yet to test these out in a crash or in the garage as I don't have a stand yet. They are extremely deep and hopefully will accept an normal size stand. Time will tell.

    They threaded right into the swingarm holes and were tightened down using a standard allen wrench.

    Can Cover

    I wasn't sure if I should spend the extra money for this or not, but after a short ride, a hard shoulder that turned into deep sand, and my pride hurt, I am glad I did. It was an extremely slow tip, almost stopped. I stopped just inches past the ashpalt, but the hard shoulder was deep sand. The front wheel tipped and so did the bike. I held it up and nothing touched the ground except for the can cover. It now has several small, shallow scratches in it, but it did it's job and didn't cost me extra money in repair bills for a dented can.

    It attached with a hose clamp (jubille clip), comes in several sizes and colors. I picked silver so it would not stick out too much. If it didn't have a logo, it would probably not be noticed. Either way, it was money well spent. The hose clamp is surrounded in rubber and there are 2 rubber grommets at the tailpipe end. Nothing has rubbed on the can even with the slow off. I highly recommend this to new riders.


    I am very pleased with these products. They arrived in 1.5 weeks and they only problems were with Canada Customs. It seems they couldn't get their shit together and held 1 of the boxes for 2 weeks for no reason. Other than that, RG-Racing was a pleasure to deal with, answered my questions quickly, and make a great product.
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    Good, informative post. Thanks for the link.

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    I've always wanted to see a slip on protector. Interesting read. With the price of all the cosmetic bits on our bikes they are a must.

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