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Thread: Re: Jap sport bikes suck

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    Re: Jap sport bikes suck

    For those fans of Bonzai:

    Will Jap sport bike thread go on forever? Will Willie_g's thread dominate board? Can people resist temptation to post to it? What do you think? Place bets --- NOW!
    My blood hurts.

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    I would say there is a good chance..... but it does have a ways to go.
    2 wheels or 4 wheel drive

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    i highly doubt it.... itll get locked first

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    Everyone that replied to that obvious troll thread is just as retarded as the individual that posted it.

    Ignore problems and they go away.

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    I don't know if that thread has the power to push out the cute girl on an R1 thread that has like eleventy-billion replies and views so far.
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    i posted twice. nuff said. it got old fast. or is that i got old fast. i can't remember now. who am i again????? damn they say the mind is the first thing to go. as long as the willie is the last then bring it on
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    Sorry, couldn't help it.

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