As I was driving to my weekly round with the boys ( Shuksan GC )it occured to me that I have spent way more time on the links than I have on the bike. At the same time it also dawned on me that I was perfectly OK with this and realized I may have an addiction. I love this game, I think about it as much or even more than I think about Riding or Hockey or even WOMEN. As frustrating as this game can be something always brings me back. You can be having the worst day, then you stick a seven iron within twelve inches from 160 yards and can the putt for birdie, suddenly the last six holes have been forgotten and the golf gods are smiling upon you once again.
For those of you who share my affliction you know perfectly well what I'm talking about, If you don't and you're looking for something to do in the off season I would encourage you to take up golf. Lessons are cheap and if you look around equipment and courses can be found cheaply as well.
Okay almost done. This is the first summer in some time I've been able to play as many courses as I have this season and thought I would share the local " gems " with the other golf junkies on this site.
Washington... Quite a few quality courses offer " money at par " on weekdays but weekends are surprisingly inexpensive too. Shuksan, Avalon, and Point Roberts are all excellent tracks that are reasonably priced between $45 and $75 CDN. Shuksan is one of my favorites, it's a well maitained course with lots of elevation changes and great views of Mt Baker.
Avalon is a good bang for your buck course because they have two full couses and offer " unlimited " play during selected weekdays. For $40 CDN I played from 8am until It was too dark to play and lost count of how many holes we played.

Okanagan and the Interior... Rearwheelrider is sitting on a gold mine of golf up there. Salmon Arm GC is one of the unsung courses of the Interior. Other tracks like Predator Ridge and The Dunes receive alot of attention but courses like Salmon Arm are just as well maintained and offer just as much to the true enthusiast but are no where near as much money.
Okay last one. 'Nkamip GC ( Pron. Ink-a-meep ) in Oliver is a relatively new course built by the Native peoples in the area ( sorry I forget the band ) this is a desert course and is a ton of fun to play. The only green areas on the course are the tee boxes, fairways and greens, everything else is rock and desert. So if you get off the fairway you have to cotend with poor lyes and RATTLESNAKES!!! A very good and chalenging course for about $60.
Allright that about does it for this rant, hope this helps you find that Golf shangri-la.