is it normal while go-karting when.....
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Thread: is it normal while go-karting when.....

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    is it normal while go-karting when.....

    the fuel tank between your legs start spilling 2stroke fuel on you? just happened to me and my buddy tonight and operator made it sound like normal.
    2 stroke fuel harder to ignite cause of the lube mixture?
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    I would notice a little gas around the gas cap when I rode but I was jumpin and shit. But it never sprayed me like you described. IMO somehting wasn't right.

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    dont drive as fast, lol. There is a vent tube on the gas tank and it tends to spill out when its too full. Thats why the usually give you coveralls or make them available to you.

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    Gas on your nads isn't a good idea at all....2 stroke mix will burn your junk just as quick as straight gas
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    So i take it , you're not allowed to smoke at that facility, whilst operating a kart?

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    hope in one that someone else just rode in before you.. make sure they dont top up the tank before you get on it. Then it wont be full enough to ...lets say... put your member in danger. gas is gas.. gas burns. hell, even oil burns. and skin grafts on the dick cant be nice
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