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Thread: Without a doubt, one of the funniest sites online

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    Wink Without a doubt, one of the funniest sites online

    Personally, I don't care what people ride. A bike is a bike, but this guy is, shall we say, opinionated. But he backs it up with logic. He's not stupid, unlike some of his detractors. Spend some time in the e-mail section.

    Could have been posted before, but I'm not sure.

    Here's a quote from one of the many e-mails this guy (who is also a cop) gets from Harley riders. This is some of the funniest stuff I've seen online...

    1BadVTwin rode by to say: "All cops are losers I bet your gun betl is the only thing holding up your donut pot belly."

    which I replied: "I don't have a pot belly, but if I did, it wouldn't be my gun betl (belt?) which held it up, it would be the top of your mother's flat head moving rthymically to the sound of sucking noises."

    Spend some time nere, you won't be sorry.....

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    that was a good reply... i would have to say.. that was good.
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    Still reading trough his pages. The stuff he cranks out is creative and twisted at the same time.
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    I'm going to type this slowly so that you folk can follow along.
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    I agree with you about the internet, it's probably here to stay.

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    AHHHHHH!!!!! Theres nothing better than bitter unrelenting humor.
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    Indeed. Spent alot of today on the site. The guy can write and has a pretty strong sense of irony and humour.

    I think it's cool that he is a hard core patriot and is pissed that the US won't produce a "real motorcycle".

    The Milwaukee Burger is priceless and hits the nail on the head, IMO.

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    That couple who named their baby "Harley Davidson" are probably gonna get slapped with copyright infringment.

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    Hah. How did you come across this? As soon as I saw the domain name, I was like "Hey I know that guy!"

    Many years back he was (and is, I guess) a 3rd-gen Camaro fan as well. Except he was always a supporter of the under-dog V8 that was available to those cars, the L03 (Throttle Body Injected 305). It was the entry level V8 -- real slow -- but he always preached they could be made respectable while everyone else praised the TPI engines, the L98 and LB9 (Tuned Port Injection 350 and 305 respectively).

    Cool to see he's still around and kicking. I remember a few years back when he T-boned a dear at excessive speeds on his bike and walked away from it. But he was always an amazing writer. I'll have to catch up on his stories when I have some freetime.

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    Funny guy and a great writer. A lot of Harley fans would even agree with some of the things he says. It's the way that he says them that would piss them off.

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