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    Doc Bong

    Moving to California...........

    Here is a Question.... Even given the exchange motorcycles seem cheaper up here in Canada. Now if I am a citizen here with a residence but I am moving down to California in Jan for what may turn into a couple years .......... Do I

    Buy a bike up here and keep it insured up

    Buy a bike up here and try to insure it down there

    Buy a bike down there and sell it when i come back up here

    I have heard they are stickier there with emmisions laws so I was just looking for some opinions and advice which will also help me with my decision of what to to with my Blazer....

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    I dont know how Cali deals with bikes, but I know that they are they have the strictest emissions laws outta all 50 states. I think any vehicle brought into Cali has to be retro fitted with CA emissions or can't be brought in at all. I've heard stories that they cant be brought in at all, but thats just hear say.

    If your going to be living in CA for a few years your most likely goign to have to register and insure there. I'm supposed to do that now as well but since I'm a "student" I dont have too. After I'm not a "student" I wont still wont be registering here either, cuz I hear the horror stories of ICBC.

    You should PM vertigo he just recently moved to CA he maybe able to help you more than me. Good luck and have fun in the states.
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    This is an interesting question, since there is a chance I'll be doing the same in the next couple of years. In my opinion, it is probably better to buy one locally and if it's really worth it at the end (the amount of work customizing etc.), you can also bring it back up here.

    A little off topic: how do you obtain CA driver license if you already have Class 5 & 6 BCDL and you still want to maintain BC residency? Can you simply exchange your BCDL, then exchange again when going back? Or do you have to start from the beginning if you want to keep your BCDL?

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    You shouldn't need to get a CA licence, since the US recognizes our drivers licencing already; we don't need to get international licences to drive there.

    If you were living down there and did get into an accident, but were still insured under ICBC, you would get it in the ass. You have to declare when you move.

    My choice would be to buy down there. After you deal with all the hassle and transportation BS you will probably spend less, and definately deal with less headache.

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    i hate typing so ill keep it brief.

    good luck importing. my bike is stuck in vancouver, waiting to be sold. if your bike is a 97 or older its never getting in. even if its newer, they still probably wont let it in, but you might have a very small chance. and even if you smuggle it across, you cant insure it. youll be riding on bc insurance which is technically void, so if you crash, youre screwed. you could try and bring it as a race bike, but thats not easy either. and you still have no insurance. you will need a CA license, but thats easy. my car was no problem. emissions is no problem even if your car is done out, cause all the testing facilities are private, and a quick 50 lets you pass.

    basically, dont even bother trying. ive wasted hours on the phone and no luck. yamaha wont even send me a compliance letter, which is just the first step. bikes are more expensive in cali, but thats the price you pay. you can find some cheap bikes, but theyll have tons of miles from all the commuting. example, a brand new 02 r1, 0 miles, goes for 10.5 US total. maybe 2 Gs more than in van., but cant do much about that.

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    Originally posted by Shift
    You shouldn't need to get a CA licence, since the US recognizes our drivers licencing already; we don't need to get international licences to drive there.

    Little different for residents. A friend of mine moved there
    from WA state and has to re-do his motorcycle endorsment.

    I think there's a minimum mileage requirement to import
    a bike without the emissions crap, 5000 miles or something
    like that.

    Check it out REAL carefully before you go. And bikes are
    definately more expensive down there, they're much more
    in demand.

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    Buy it on Ebay there or buy it here. I was just there last week. My parents live in Watsonville, halfway between Monterrey and Santa Cruz. Our exchange rate is still best for buying it here. They will honor your license without making you take a driver's test, and you have 60 days to do so after you arrive there. But if you buy a bike in Cali, remember they are slightly down on power compared to the rest of the universe because of CARB (California Air Resources Board).
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    it's a big hassle. My buddy had to get a broker to do up some papers when he bought his bike here and tried to ship it to Hawaii. In the end, he paid another $1000 for the paper work and didn't have a bike for almost a month b/c of it.
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    Hey Doc Bong after you get settled in Kali, let us know how everything is doing. Planning some day to move to Kali good luck

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    Doc Bong
    I will do that ............standing invitation for all to ride the coast if you are in the area

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    Dude, take it from some one who has delt with the whole border, shipping shit. Buy it there and then sell it there.

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