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    Re: Some nice aftermarket pipes

    Kool pipes

    hope this isn't a repost
    8.5 hp increase from a slipon? Sweeeet
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    those are pretty cool.
    2 wheels or 4 wheel drive

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    Can i interest you in some land in Florida?
    I also have nice low mile bridge for sale.

    Maybe if your on crack it will spew out those numbers.

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    looks like a good way to cook your battery, rectifier, FI CPU, passenger, and various other bit 'n' pieces that weren't designed to be so close to a muffler.

    looks pretty ugly to me how that stove pipe curves back before going up - yeuch!
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    I don't like it since they can't even get their facts straight in the first paragraph.

    ...test at Hypercycle. The system is also approximately 10 lbs lighter than stock. And the...

    Mototechno Compared to Stock
    Horsepower +8.5 HP without remap
    Weight Savings -7 lbs lighter than stock

    See any difference?
    2007 BMW G650X Challenge

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