Possible electircal Problems??!
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Thread: Possible electircal Problems??!

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    Possible electircal Problems??!

    I am hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction for some help with my 94 Suzuki RM 250. I am having the bike cut out every once and a while, only in the upper gears 5th 4th. If I keep the bike dialed in 5th or 4th the bike will cut out like someone hit the kill switch, until the rpm's get very low and then the bike starts to go again. If I hold in dialed in 3rd I can go all day.
    I have been testing the ohms on the stator and CDI, but everything seems okay. The plug looks great. perfect color.

    Well techies, what do ya think. Can anybody help me out or point me in some direction were to look, besides the local bike shop.


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    It could be one of the following:

    CDI unit failing, hard to troubleshoot without a replacement.
    Wiring in the kill switch circuit, short circuit.
    Ignition coil breaking down.
    Starving for fuel Incorrectly adjusted float.
    Stator wiring, usually an inspection of the coils will show discolouration or physical contact.

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