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    Bike Alarms ??

    Just bought a new ZX-9, and just wondering if anyone can, or would, recommend a good bike alarm ( I want a motion sensor/shock sensor/starter kill alarm that is reliable )... Amazing how many people think it's ok to touch or sit on other people's property without permission... Fark off! Look but don't touch ! Thanks. One more thing... should the install be done by a bike dealer, or an auto accessory place? Cheers!

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    Pretty much any alarm you find out there would do what you're asking for... like most of the ones on eBay are similar. They're all actually very cheaply made, but they work.

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    Clifford GP500 would be the most common. Has all that you are looking for and you can get the alarm for reasonable.

    Install... if you have some technohow then do it yerself, otherwise you could probably find someone to do it for $100 or so... Don't let any shop tell you its a big job to install... it only took me 2 hours and I didn't know shit all about what I was doing prior.

    I have the GP500, it's small, has all the features I need and has gone off several times in which is probably would have been stolen.

    Best one was out in Surrey, we were around back when my buddy heard it... boy did we get around fast.. stupid bastards got away though.

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    talk to Bieu/ Digi168 about the 3rd watch alarms. pager alarm
    If the site is still down just go to dealer section here and look at info
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    $100 Gorilla alarm is good if a shrieker will do it for you. I fitted it in the 9's tail easily. My bike is under my bedroom in my house and the P99 is loaded so, a shrieker works for me.


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    If you want remote alerting, then pm digi168 about his 3rdwatch alarms. I like mine pretty well.

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    I have been useing a 'Scorpian' alarm on my VFR for the last three years. It has worked well, but the pager was junk. It got wet once and never worked again. The motion sensor does keep the kids at a distance.
    Depending on the system that you decide on you might want a shop, or at least a learned friend, to do the install. Most systems are simple, mine didn't even require any tools, but some immobilizer systems are more involved. Some come will easy to install pass-through connectors and others require you to cut wires. Even if they say that no tools/skills are required be ready to use t-taps to splice wires.

    Your bike might also dictate how you do the install. I had lots of room in mine, but some bikes are much tighter and finding te best way to route the wires might be hard. All the systems take a positive directly off the battery. If you need to run the wire more than a couple inches from the alarm to the battery make sure that you install an in-line fuse, a 2$ investment. Some people install a seperate 12v battery (8 AAs) for a couple different reasons. It doesn't suck from your bike's and it is harder for a thief to find/cut. Unless you park the bike for looong periods of time (like a dealership might) you should be ok to wire directly to the bike.

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    Cyber pinky: where can I get the clifford gp500? and how much does it cost(not installed). Thanks.

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