Convert DV avi video to mpeg on cdr's, advice needed?
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Thread: Convert DV avi video to mpeg on cdr's, advice needed?

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    Question Convert DV avi video to mpeg on cdr's, advice needed?

    Ok folks, help me out here.... please.

    Next month I'll be taping 4 days worth (8hrs each day) of DV avi format video. Ya... that's a lot of video tapes but I'm hoping to pull video off each night after taping to HD. Then either myself or my bro will tape the second day of video while the other person converts previous night's avi files to compressed mpeg and cleans the avi files off the HD but I've got about 160GB to work with and I'd just buy another 120gb drive if necessary.

    The job is simple really, tape the meeting. Get the DV off the camera with firewire. Convert DV to high compression video to burn on cheap cdr's.

    I have Ulead Mediastudio v.5 (I think) and was playing around with v6.5 trial last few days.

    With the trial version I converted 49 seconds of DV video to a 176x144 mpeg2 file 23.9fps of 2.42mb in size. The video is fairly small but I'm worried more about good audio quality than video quality.

    So I worked out that I can squeeze about ~240mins of compressed video (at the compression rate mentioned above) onto a cdr and I'll need 8 cd's for all for days of video. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Now then, I also tried an adware version of DivX player/encoder together with freeware version of FlaskMPEG but flask wouldn't read avi files to convert to mpeg.

    In any case I need you help finding a quick and dirty freeware (preferrably) solution that lets me convert the DV to mpeg2 or mpeg4 small frame video. Even 15fps is adequate. Mpeg2 only goes down to 23.9 in ulead.

    Also the trial version of Mediastudio has a dancing rubics cube image on the mpeg2 converted video file which is annoying. Is mpeg4 available with mediastudio? I wonder if the same plugin would work with my older version of mediastu.?

    I don't need to add any text or frame transitions. Just a raw conversion and I'll use Nero 6 to burn the cd's. Oh... and any converters that take advantage of "2 CPU" would be cooool.

    Any advice or suggestions would be most welcome.

    Thank you.

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    TMPGEnc to convert to MPG or MPG2
    VirtualDub to convert to MPG4

    No watermarks on either. There is like a 30 day limitation or somethin' for TMPGEnc's MPG2 functionality, but of course you can easily get around that.

    I use those two programs for pretty much all my video re-encoding needs.

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    go here for more info
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    it's so simple a retarded monkey could do it, with one command! :

    mencoder -of mpeg -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg1video -oac copy (other options?) file1.avi -o outputfile1.mpg

    oh, you may need to install linux first.
    then go here:
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