Help, SRAD owners!
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Thread: Help, SRAD owners!

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    Help, SRAD owners!

    Has anyone ever taken their 750 and fitted a 180 rear tire, AND a lift to the rear suspension? How did it feel? I hear good things about these mods independantly, but I am considering both at the same time.

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    The preload on the back had to be dialed in A LOT to get the sag set (if that's what you mean) I've run both 190's and 180's on the back with no problems at all, street or track.

    I was told that it would turn faster with a 180 but I honestly didn't notice a big difference. It's just a bonus for cost and availibility. The big difference in feel was when the suspension was dialed in properly. If yours is off as far as mine was, trust me it feels way better after everything is done. It's not a really a mod, it's adjusting the bike to the rider. If you do both at once just take time to get used to it first. It feels like a different bike. As far as I am concerned it will only improve the feel of the bike.

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