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    how tight must the chain be , i feel like my chain is little loose am not gettin enough power.

    is there a special way of tellin if its just right?

    hope i got my point across.

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    Depends on the bike, but Suzuki recommends 25-35mm of slack midway between the front and rear sprockets. Remember the chain will tighten when you sit on the bike and more so when you hit a bump, if you don't have the slack then you'll f*** up the main transmission bearing. Also, remember it's better for the chain to be a little too loose than a little too tight.
    What was it all about?

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    ok thanks alot thats all i wanted to know .

    one more thing will i loose power if the chain is too loose?

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    Check the specs for YOUR bike.
    It's simple math, Depending on whatever length of swingarm, distance of rear wheel to front sprocket, etc. The spec in the one the manufacturer gives for your bike, your year, and means nothing to anyone else.
    Like Hu said though, you'll screw things up if it's too tight.
    So, check your manual, or drop by the dealer, and write down what it's supposed to be.
    Check for tight spots as well, and make sure they are never tighter than the minimal spec given.
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    Originally posted by BlaznMonkE
    .....will i loose power if the chain is too loose?
    Not really as long as it's within the spec or only slightly loose. TOO loose will accellerate your chain and sprocket wear (so called stretch) much faster so it's wise to keep it on the loose side of the spec for the reasons the others have said. And a worn chain and sprocket WILL absorb more of the power so in a way yes it will but not right away. BUt loose within the range is actually faster than tight. Tight means binding which means wear and heat that consume power to fight and produce.

    For much the same reasons keeping the chain clean and lubed also means less power is taken up in your chain drive.
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    You will lose power if it is too tight.

    Check the owner's manual for specs and adjust accordingly. Invest in a manual if you can't find the info.

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