Bad service at RMS
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Thread: Bad service at RMS

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    Thumbs down Bad service at RMS

    Was at RMS today to buy some leathers. This sales bitch in clothing was so cranky I left the shop. Was like someone was rubbing salt on her a-hole all morning. Best bet is to go to MapleRidge for some friendly service.

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    HA! maple ridge can suck the shi...well you know.

    Everyone has a bad day. she's not the only person that can sell you leathers in that store.

    STop being such a priss. YOu should of taken the initiative to try to get her to feel better.....i'm sure a sale would of.

    - and it wasn't salt in her a-hole that gave her that look of discontent....joo dirtay girl *hyuck Hyuck*

    People who never do any more than they get paid for never get paid for any more than they do.
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    I've had the best possible service from both places mentioned.
    (RMS sold awesome leathers , MapleRidge sold the best bike )

    Actually, reason that made me reply, was this quote I saw somewhere:

    "Seek the worst in in people around you, and you will find."

    Kinda stealth version of "Pick your nose and it'll bleed..."

    So instead keep on

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    RMS can kiss my ASS! I hate those motherfuckers .They busted my $2500 swingarm and made me wait 8 months and did not do fuck all,till i said i was going to sue .They are a bunch of idiots ,and treated me like shit .If that place burns to the ground i'd bring the marshmallows .

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    RMS takes forever to fix a bike. i had my bike stolen in July and i didnt get it back till two weeks ago. There was no call or anything to let me know what was taking so long!!!

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    I have had nothing but great customer service as well as bike service at RMS. Everyone has a bad day sometimes, such as you. Get over it and give it a chance. They are good people.

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    my bad day lasted 8 months ,see how you would feel if they screwed up during the riding season and set your project back nearly a year .all becasue of some moron in the service dept and other people covering his dumb ass .And the worst of all, i was dumb enough to be nice about it right till the end .After all that no apology and no compensation.It was fixed (at my suggestion of a lower cost ) and still nothing .I should have sued them like i was going to do .Maybe then they would not treat people like assholes .I should thank them though ,they forced me to educate myself and start my own custom shop .At least i won't jack somebody around ,as i know what that feels like.
    I never even wanted to bring it up around BC ,but since there is a thread starting ,i hope all the people they screwed, gets on here and tells it like it is .Get a tool box and some know how and tell the so-called "proffesional " shops to go fuck themselves
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    A lot of people from the local shops are on this site. Be nice.

    If you recieved such a bad service why did you not complain to the manager?

    Welcome to the boards, Kazuo1.

    Edit: For the record I've had excellent experience with RMS.

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    I can see where this thread will go after some of the people on the board who work there read this; in fact, you might even get a reply from the girl who helped you.

    Every time that I've been there, I've been less than thrilled as well but I wouldn't take it personally unless you had an experience like what borderline said he had. Take care Vince, my advice to you is find a shop you like and stick with it. You'll always get better service if they know you.

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    another "who cares thread".....I went to burger king and it took more then 5minutes to get my whopper combo...oh shit can you move this to my own thread i want the world to know my heart ache...

    other than that welcome to the boards.....and hope we all wake up happy riding tomorrow...
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    The reason it bugged me so much is that i've spent over $2500 in service /parts etc in a year ,and told everybody i knew it was the best place in town .I went there for anything i needed from big to small.

    I not only complained to the manager i complained to the OWNER .he said he'd call back ,he did not ,I called back 2 weeks later he said he'd get back to me ,,he did not ,this is the OWNER ?"um call fri we'll take care of it ' .yeah um call WED we are working on it " oh umm yeah nothing yet give us a call in week ,don't worry we got it under control " then nothing for months on end ."we are looking into it " we'll get back to you ' nothing ...... you may think i'm exagerating but i'm not even close.months of "yeah it's being handled" when i checked with the people in the UK who they supposedly sent it to they replied "richmond motor sports ,,who's that ? So you might get pissed off if the owner is trying to hide and they lie to your face .not a couple times but several .And all the while i'm being mr.nice guy so i don't piss anybody off and get shafted .well i got shafted anyway ,i guess i should have freaked out and called every day ,but i didn't .I took it up the a$$ like a good little boy ,until i got totally fed up and filed a lawsuit 7 months later .Once they recieved the letter and a phone call from my lawyer ,,all of a sudden things started happening.I didn;t want anything ,they could have said "hey sorry buddy here is a kawasaki hat ,mistakes happen" No prob i can accept that .I could have walked away and never said shit >but they took the swingarm from me and said they would get it handled ,i never got the arm back for 8 months and when it was fixed it only took a week ,Do the math they fucked me over plain and simple . .My suggestion is if they start to mess with you,don't take it and don't try and be diplomatic ('')
    scream like bitch and start pushing over DUCATI'S on your way out .
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    never had a bad experience there. I did with Pac Yam and now i stay away...

    RMS hooks me up....gear, bike..Rob's my go to guy when im broke and needing gear lol

    That girl you had a bad experience with might have just been having a bad day. shes helped me out everytime i go (still waitin for that *free* damper )
    25,000 feet is my own little piece of heaven

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    well me and my buddies and anybody else i mention it to are on a strict no RMS diet .So it doesn't just affect one person when you deicide to be a PRICK to someone .why do you think i took my bike there ,I though they were the shit ,now i know they are SHIT ,,

    okay i've vented i wanted to let that out for a while .Go about your buisness and make your own decisions ,either way i aint going back .You've been warned .

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    I've never had anything but good experiences with the Accessories Dept. at RMS.

    In fact, I was also in there today. And on nice sunny days like today, it's always super-busy upstairs. Everyone in Accessories always busts their asses trying to help every person that comes in. If I'm one of 15 customers waiting for one of 2 or 3 salespeople, I know I'm going to have to wait my turn and may not get as much personalized service as I would like.

    Like other have said, she just might have had a bad day so cut her some slack.

    If it's your first time in the shop, they'll give you good service. Become a regular, and they'll treat you even better!

    Give 'em another chance and I'm sure they won't disappoint.

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    Originally posted by Miteorite
    A lot of people from the local shops are on this site. Be nice.
    What difference does that make Dmitry? I'm glad they're on the site, so they can see what people actually think of their establishments.

    I don't speak out much on the good or bad service I've gotten from this shop or that one...but I was treated badly from RMS a couple of years ago, and I haven't spent a dime in their since then. My dad even bought a bike from their (after that), and let me tell you he was one of the happiest guys around when he found out that they lost their Ducati dealership to John that short time Valk has already shown themselves to be a better shop to deal with than RMS.

    RMS has obviously been a great place to deal with for a lot of people. But all the shops seem to offer pretty much the same products, so unless I'm treated like a King everytime I walk in there (I'm fuckin serious, they better be kissing my ass if they want to keep my business, because it's so easy to switch) they better be prepared for losing some business.

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