Please wear protective gear!!
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Thread: Please wear protective gear!!

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    Please wear protective gear!!

    Yesterday, Friday 17th of May, I witnessed a motorcycle accident on the #1 Highway at the 152nd Interchange.


    The flow of traffic was severly interrupted as a result of another..yes another motorcycle accident further up the road. I was driving along peacefully in the fast lane (Note: Not speeding at all) when everyone hammered their brakes in attempts to stop in enough time.. It was a rather hard braking deceleration from 100km/h - 0. All of a sudden, I heard the sound of screeching tires behind me very close in proximity. I looked in my rearview mirror only to find a motorcycle thrashing wildly about; after a second or so the bike slipped from its tires to fall on its side, spilling the two passengers onto the pavement and into traffic. At that point I moved into the shoulder and passed another car..sort of a "buffer" for myself..(I really didn't know what was going on). I then proceeded to stop, shut off my bike and run back to the fallen cruiser's passengers. Both had managed to stumble to the centre of the highway. They were wearing beanie helmets and minimal protective gear. I think the driver had a concussion and limped away to the ambulance whereas they carried the passenger away on a stretcher...(I would presume neck/chest injuries..)

    I don't really want to say it.. but what do you think happens when you slide across ashphalt on your hands/arms..

    I wear my full leathers almost all the time - Always my Jacket/Gloves/Boots wherever I go even if I am in jeans. Hope everyone will do the same/does the same.

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    Was that up the hill south of the port mann? I saw a Erion CBR off to the side and some ppl walking around on the freeway and knew something was wrong, but couldn't really see the downed riders. I was heading west.

    i saw one person trying to get a rider with a black open face helmet to sit up.

    Like i said, i don't really know what happend, but with my knowledge of first aid, It would be important to stablize the injured person if they are in no immediate danger, ie get a car to block off that lane. Leave their helmet on and definitely avoid bending their neck in any direction. And hold their head to prevent any sort of neck movement (rotation or flexion).

    The only situation you need to remove the helmet is if they are not breathing, and access to their mouth is require to open an airway to ventilate. But with a open face helmet, it should stay on

    i hope the two are going to be ok, as the roads are getting more scary now that it summer time

    But like Xyban said, get the gear and WEAR it. It's most likely going to reduce the severity of injuries

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    ya - that was me

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    Yep, I agree, I always at the very least, wear jacket, gloves, and boots. I am surprized more cruiser riders aren't hurt, considering most of them wear minimal if any gear at all.
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    jacket, gloves, boots.....ya um....ya

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