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    Life in TO...

    Hey All,

    Just a quick HELLO and greetings from Toronto!
    I guess this is Part II of an earlier post.... As some of you know for the past six months I've been working as the Buell Demo Coordinator for Harley-Davidson Owner's Group (HOG) here in Toronto. My team was touring and performing Buell Demos at HD-Buell retailers all across Canada, coast-to-coast from April to October. Well... at the end of our (successful and amazing!!) tour in October i was offered a full time position with Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada here in Toronto as the new Event Coordinator for Harley and Buell. The job is going GREAT although the only "down-side" to it was having to leave the sunny shores of the Great Wet... er West Coast (haha) after 28 years and move to Toronto. Which really isn't all that bad as Toronto and the GTA are very exciting and fast-paced places to be. And despite the winter months, there is ALWAYS something MOTORCYCLE related going on in TO!
    So my quick hello is turning into a longer note than i thought... but i just wanted to say THANKS to BCSB and Vancouver for a great time. There's a LOT of people both on and off this forum that make MOTORCYCLING in BC GREAT and you guys are certainly a part of that. Definitely keep up the awesome work! A special tip of the helmet to the guys at BK (especially Trevor, Bryan, Manny and Ron - 20 years?!?!?! holy Kaw - heh heh heh), Rob Goth, Adamantium and Adamlowe (my bro - haha), the BC Safety Council, and Dat and Chris at Action... and everyone else during my last 20 years of motorcycling in BC - too many to name! You guys (and gals!) all rock!
    Be sure to stay in touch - pm or e-mail me anytime.
    Definitely pay me a visit at the HD-Buell display of the upcoming Vancouver Motorcycle Show in January.
    And most of all...
    Never turn down a test ride (hahaha)!!!
    Ride EVERYTHING and ANYTHING you can!
    Be Safe!
    Thanks Everyone...

    Jose Manzano
    BC Safety Council Chief Instructor (temporarily retired - haha)
    Event Coordinator, Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada

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    Hey do you know my old friend darren james?

    I also just moved to TO from vancouver, and i agree with your assessment

    I think i saw your trailer, i was driving on the QEW and i saw a big buell trailer from north van, as i fellow BC boy to noticed it immediately

    if your down with track days PM me, well hit some up together next year
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    Hehe - Toronto Invasion has started. Good thing Dalton and Harps never made it here.... although they both threatened to.

    Anyhoo - Ya I have already met up with Kit (btw dude how is the bike search going?).

    I guess you might or might not, know the roads around here.... but if you want to hook up for a ride.... I'm usually up for it. BTW, which one is Deely? Is that the one in Mississauga or is that the one in the east end? I know Jacox moved to Mississauga, but I'm not sure if the name changed.

    Anyhoo - I'm glad you like your new job.

    BTW - a friend of mine is an instructor with RTI. I'm not sure if that is what you did with the BC safety council or not... or if you are interested in doing it here...... but if you are I can get you in touch with him.

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    That's great to hear Jose!

    We're gonna miss you on the coast, but glad that you were able to get a great new job, and still involved with motorcycles! I'll see you at the bike show, I guess.
    Maybe Mediocre
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    Meet up in TO

    Kit and co!

    Vancouver natives there is an END OF SEASON bash held by Fuzzy-Riders coming up on November 8th. I have never met any of the group but it may be a good opportunity for us all to meet up what do you think?

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    Hey Simie7

    $#!t another one!!!

    I'd be going to the Fuzzy End of Season Bash, BUT I have to go to Cancun for a friend's wedding. Yes they are twisting my arm because you guys KNOW that my priorities are motorcycling. LOL

    I was an "official" fuzzy last season, but due to my soccer schedule I could never go on the rides. So this year I just hang out with them every once in a while. I was at their last track day (see avatar).

    Anyhoo - Simie7.... I'll say this to you as well. If you want me to show you some roads, I'd be more than happy to do so.

    BTW, The Fuzzys are a good bunch of riders.

    Actually - I was just thinking.... IF you guys are interested in MotoGP, a friend an I are meeting up at the Jack Astors at Sherway Gardens (Queensway/427). The race starts at 1pm on this Sunday .... but the 250 race starts at 12...... so We'll probably get there between 12 and 1.

    Let me know if you guys are interested in seeing the last race of the season.


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    hey GTI

    ill call you man, she show moto gp there?

    the bike i told you about before is gone, but the same place has a gsxr 750 with rashed bodywork, for 5500 obo, im gonna try and look at it this weekend

    also i may look at a SV race bike that is 6000 obo, but i want to get it down to around 5K, the kicker is this one is full race prepped wth ohlins shock and everything, my only concern is that i like power and i havent ridden an sv so i dont know if id like it as much as a 600 or 750

    but ill prob check it out too
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