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    With one race left there are still goals to aim for. If Rossi can finish on the podium he will equal a run of 22 consecutive top three finishes achieved by Giacomo Agostini in the 1967/8/9 season. If a Honda wins the race it will equal the all-time ‘most podium finishes per season’ record with 15 victories as achieved in 1997. Rossi is also odds-on favourite to bag a top of the range sports car by winning the Best Qualifier of the year award.

    For the last race of the year Rossi will be riding a specially painted Honda RC211V and wearing leathers to match. Over the summer, title sponsor Repsol ran a competition with the Spanish motorcycle magazine, Motociclismo, in which readers were invited to create a paint scheme incorporating the famous Spanish companies logo in a flamboyant design.

    Can't wait to see it!!

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    hears the paint scheme.cant wait to see leathers!

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    When is it on TV??
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    Sunday November 2nd, 2003. Speedtv [Channel 48 for Victoria, BC] MotoGP 250 starts at 9:00am & MotoGP is scheduled for 10:00am

    P.S. If you checking out the link, keep in mind the SpeedTV schedule defaults to "Eastern Time", you have to select "Pacific Time" in the time zone window.
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    none at the moment
    and it's channel 41 for the okanagan boys , I won't miss this race for anything.
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    damnit, im at work and dont have that channel

    someone wanna tap it for me?

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