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    nice warm jacket...

    Hey. i am looking for a nice warm jacket so I can ride all through the winter. Right now i have a JR Ballistic, and the wind just cuts right through the front zipper flap, chillin' my whole body. I find the liner a bit of a pain, as it is too bulky in the neck, and the sleeves pull back when I lean forward. So, what would you guys recommend. I like the JR for the protection it offers, and waterproofness. thanks in advance.

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    Hmmm, I have a JR Ballistic jacket and don't have problems with the wind cutting through. Perhaps we have different jacket models, or our jackets fit our bodies differently. But stopping the wind is crucial to staying warm. Maybe wear a windbreaker on top? Or underneath?

    By the way, nothing beats electrics. Have you checked out electric vests?

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    I find the Joe Rocket very good.

    Wear multiple layers of clothing and a scarf. THat helps a lot

    The biggy with me is the lower body. The wind just seaps through the jeans. OMF, so damn cold in the mornings!

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    Originally posted by gordopolis
    By the way, nothing beats electrics. Have you checked out electric vests?
    Don't be a cheapskate, go the extra bit and get the sleeves
    too. Gerbing makes a great electric jacket.

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    Wearing a rain jacket over top works excellent.

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    I have no problems with my Belstaff jacket. It has an extra flap that covers the zipper which helps. Just remember to layer your clothes too.
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