Past and present halloween stories
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Thread: Past and present halloween stories

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    Past and present halloween stories

    You know you have them now lets hear some of the best/worst stories.

    Me and a buddy were in grade 8 we spent all night pounding out scremen deamons and taping them up for quick easy acess, anyways the night was awsome.

    We shoot a airbomb off on the roof of some old guys house and threw/lit off some pounded up fireworks in his yard. The old fat man came running out while holding his jeans up with his hand and yelling as they were falling down.
    Later that night we went to some ones house who gave us some apple or somthing gay like that, lit the firework rang the door bell and ran like shit, i remeber her opening the door and yelling and slaming it shout just as it blew up.

    On our way home we decided the comunity mail box was the place to be so my buddy jeff pulled out a pounded up scremen and lit it but it went out, so he pulled it out of the slot went to look at it, i was about 1 foot away from it, it was now in his hands and BAMMMMMMMMMMMMM, all i could hear was rining his hand was black and had little slits in it, we ran back home tried to wash it, his hand was pritty fucked up but not that bad.

    Next year i think the best was we used to allways do a 3 nights of halloween, go out on the 29th 30th and 31st cause cops arnt out onthe 29th and 30th so you can do what ever you want. I rember always trying to blow the pumpkin up but that never worked, we found out the best thing was to throw the pounded up stuff into the gabage can and put on the lid, the lid would fly so fucking high, we got one to clear 2-3 floors it was a metal can and shit was it fucked afterwards.

    Anyways i have more but i gtg get drunk, and pick up my hoe

    Pimp iced out with my purple suit, pimp hat n featha, $ jewlery and star shades and my sexy girlfriend as my hoe,

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    what a ...TROUBLEMAKER!!!
    It took me a while to read that... were you half drunk already?

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    Grade 8 was last year?
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    ha ha man i loved those days i had an air bomb blow up not 2 meters from my ear that really sucked but theres nothin like baitin the cops and havin them chase ya only to get away and fuck even if your caught you usually have nothin on ya so theres nothin they can do cept take your fake name down cuz you conveniently forgot all your id at home muahahhahahah

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