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    I just low sided my bike, and i was wondering is somebody could help me. My helmet is damaged in the accident and ICBC would only give me $300.00 for my helmet. Which is worth more than that. Has anybody out their got more? And does anybody know what their policy is with helmets.

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    Similar situation with me. I think that's all you can get. If the accident was not your fault, you can get the value of replacing your exact helmet, I think. If it was your fault, then all you get is $300. You used to not even get that apperantly...but they started doing it since helmets are mandetory in BC.

    I think the HJC CL-12 with graphics is the ICBC special. You can pick one up, tax in, for less than $300. Or you can buy the lid of your choice, but you'll only get up to $300 back from insurance. I ordered the real replacement for the Shoei I wrecked, but at least I have a helmet. It's just going to be my passenger helmet anyways.

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    Thanks, for the the info. as for me I am ok, thanks to my leather no road rash, just a sore chest

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    When I was in an accident ICBC covered the cost of my helmet and the jacket the ambulance guys had to cut off me. But it was the other guys fault, so Harps is probably correct about why you only received $300.

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