RideReport, Crotch's Nov 1 ride
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Thread: RideReport, Crotch's Nov 1 ride

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    RideReport, Crotch's Nov 1 ride

    So, four old geezers made it out and all the kids stayed home...I fart in your general direction, young whippersnappers!

    Great fun, went to Wash state, Sedro Wooley, Arlington, etc. Roads clear and clean but, I'm going to have to return these Pirellis. They just wouldn't grip 0* pavement! What crap is that!? Totally unacceptable!

    Don, John and Nick, (hope my memory serves for names) all behaved themselves like good Canadians in another country, especially when that tubby advertisment for Roe v. Wade "axed us a question" about Canada joining the US, right guys?

    I ain't taking this bike off the road until, as Charlton Heston put it they "pry it from my cold, dead hand!" Well, we certainly accomplished one of those two adjectives yesterday.

    Cheers all, I'll ride with you anytime.

    Ken (CrotchetyRocket)

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    sounds like a good ride. we did the Sedro Wooley out to Burlington the end of aug and that is an awsome road. good times. nice crisp day. i'll bet the bike was running strong for ya??
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    To bad none of our crystal balls were working, or we would have planned that ride for today..
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    My wife and I did one last ride to Squamish yesterday (fricken cold), and Richmond today to change the oil at a friends place. That's it for this year.... the bikes are now getting stored for winter
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