Rossi IS going to Yamaha for 2004
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Thread: Rossi IS going to Yamaha for 2004

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    Rossi IS going to Yamaha for 2004

    Just watching racing and it's confirmed, Rossi has signed on with Yamaha. They said that he has to take a bike(Yamaha) that was running 5th in the race into the top 3.
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    who said he has to ???
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    If anyone can do it, Rossi can. I give full credit to Yamaha for not rolling over and playing dead in the face of the RC211V's dominance. Again, it's the fiercely competetive spirit of these companies that make all the cool goodies on our bikes possible. Go Rossi, Go Yamaha!
    I guess when Yamaha starts dominating with their bike in three years, Suzuki will be hiring Rossi.
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    It has been announced that Rossi has left Honda, but he hasn't yet come to terms with Yamaha. Merely a formality, I think, but there is still a vacant seat at Ducati.

    Rossi is under contract with Honda until the end of '03; if he is truly leaving without any hard feelings, then maybe Honda will release him early so that he can begin testing his new bike before '04.

    Edwards is confirmed at Honda.

    BSB champ Shakey Byrne will race for Aprilia.
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    well, this may be musical motos.... but in view that d'antin has signed with ducati.... the possibility for rossi to go with ducati is certainly open, after all d'antin has yet to sign up rider number 2.

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