WSB in Canada 2004?
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Thread: WSB in Canada 2004?

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    WSB in Canada 2004?

    Just read on Motorcyle News website from the UK that World Superbike might be coming to Mont Tremblant July 4th, 2004(still to be confirmed). Looks like no WSB rounds in the US. Wondering if they will get GP instead.

    Even if everyone is required to fide with Pirelli tires this is awesome for Canada.

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    That schedule is incomplete. Laguna Seca will be the weekend following the proposed Mt Tremblant date. Mt Tremblant sounds like a great place to view a race and if it actually happens, I think I'll ride out there and see it.

    World Superbike To Canada?

    Read more about Mt Tremblant here (from one of the people that helped to re-design/modernize the track):

    Track Designer On Mt. Tremblant And The Hurdles It Will Face To Host World Superbike

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    Of course it's just a pipe dream.

    Canada will already be losing F1 to tabacco ad bans. Moto GP and WSB are heavily based on tabacco ads too.

    Let's hope my pessimism is premature.
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    Originally posted by Fury
    Of course it's just a pipe dream.

    Let's hope my pessimism is premature.
    A pessimist is really an optomist with experience.

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