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    im looking at getting a domain and some webspace..

    im looking for an insane deal.. anyone know of any place in the lowermainland or kelowna area? or someone that has a server and is willing to let me use space and i can pay..

    i am on a super tight budget, im a student and dont got much $$$.. im not really looking for lots of web space.. 20-50mb would be wicked for now

    few years back i got a domain and 50mb of webspace for a year for $25
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    Ever consider something like this?

    Basically, I picked up some freebie webspace (mine happens to be from Shaw, but it's enough for what I need, I'm sure you could find some without too much trouble).

    I then registered a domain at www.registersite.com for $35 USD/year (for the premium service). The premium service includes domain forward, so I just tell it where to point the domain to (for example): www.deputy.ca would go to members.shaw.ca/deputy

    So then everyone who goes to deputy.ca gets my website...for the bargain of $35/yr.

    Not too shabby, it's worked out really well actually, because I had registered my last name as a .ca domain a few years back and then earlier this year, a guy from an autoglass company in Quebec that shared my last name emailed me asking if I wanted to sell it and eventually I did for a very reasonable amount (enough to pay for my trip to Europe). That $35/year went a long way. Talk about a good investment
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