Lookin for black 636 with micron pipe
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Thread: Lookin for black 636 with micron pipe

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    Lookin for black 636 with micron pipe

    Hey I know there is a guy on the site that has a black 636 with I THINK a red Highmount pipe. I have a friend thats interested in a similar setup and he was asking for pics.

    So if anyone or the guy that I'm thinking of has pics of a black 636 with red micron highmount can you either e mail me or post up in here? Thanks alot.
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    I saw such a bike a few weeks ago at the London Drugs at Victoria and 41st when it was pouring rain... it was definitely a Micron can, but I don't think it was highmount? Not 100% sure though.

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    That's Dave, my old roomate. He's not a computer kinda guy. It's a black 636 with decals removed and an anodized red micron highmount. I don't have any pics of that bike right now. He paid out of his ass for that pipe. Granted it looks sweet but the passenger foot peg sticks 4"-5" inches out and he says his heal touches the pipe protector all the time. Especially during 2nd and 3rd gear stand-ups. Also it has a bit of a leak around the seam of the forward stainless end cap. He special ordered through Burnaby Kawi. I think the cash price would have been around $1000 after shipping and brookerage (for a slip-on) but he got a deal because his red 636 had just been stolen. My Micron highmount bill added up to about $800 for an R6 but I opted out of the bolts/hardware package and just made my own. I think it turned out better. The pipe does sound incredible though, and it really turns heads. I heard BK was considering carrying them in the store, but I'm not a kawi guy. I suggest you call them up. If they get enough demand who knows.

    This is the pipe set-up but in blk fade color.
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    that looks great!!!
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