Paint ideas for R6
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Thread: Paint ideas for R6

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    Paint ideas for R6

    I'm looking for ideas for painting my R6. A friend of mine builds and paints hot rods, so I won't be spending much on labour. I'm thinking of black with silver flake in it. Or a silver pearl base with black over it. I silver and black but I don't want to replicate a stock paint job.
    I was even thinking of getting the dimentions of the 2003/04 Yamaha racing checker decal and getting them made in silver.
    Any suggestions or ideas. Ya I know about painting and resale etc. don't care.

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    anything with flake is kinda played out,even a light mettalic can look cheesy .What about deepblue with a giant chrome/silver yamaha symbol (logo ) across the side of the bike tank to tail , to bottom wrapparound style .or ghost the logo into the paint with a darker shade of blue .

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    duh!!! paint flames on it... they will make it faster... flames make everything faster.
    2 wheels or 4 wheel drive

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    are you crazy flames doesn't make anything faster ,,its the chrome and fake carbon fiber that makes it faster ,,,duhh everybody knows that !

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    get a fire paint scheme and when i say that i dont mean acouple of flames, i mean get the whole bike lookin like its on fire that would be tight

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    Maybe I'll do the giant Yami Sticker.
    "It's hard to kiss the lips at night that chew your ass out all day long" - THE NOTORIOUS CHERRY BOMBS

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    what if you could build the bodywork out of LCD screens and have the fire actually digitally burning ,,glowing at night ,,,firetrucks would be chasing you all over the place ,hahahaaa

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    it would be perfect for your bike shorty ,,get it made up in chrome at a sign place ,,prob cost about $100 a side ,but would look madness !

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    I don't want to do flames, they are goiing to be so played out any day now, I don't need my buddies at the firehall chasing me.
    Flake has been done alot, I want a solid colour but I want something a little more. I don't want anything gay or too flashy.
    I'm so picky I need a million ideas before I find what I want.
    Maybe the pearl idea might be what I'm looking for.

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    Not only is this guy making a fashion statement with his bike, he's saying a little something about hisself too. (nice Dynomite exhaust though)

    I like the black and carbon fiber. Looks plain but classy.

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    Wow, That "Virgin" one is COOL! That color can almost take your eyes out.

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    wtf is going on with that front wheel? A giant disk?

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    I know it is hard to see, but I like this MB color, Granite Grey Metallic (paint code DB747). I would pick a color that can be found anywhere, ie. can be mixed by anyone, not a special flake or pearl. Hopefully, this will be our next car.

    This is the color of our current ML320, Black Opal Pearl. It looks dark, dark blue most of the time.

    If you want a real trick color, go to you local Mercedes-Benz dealer and ask to look at their Designo (Dee-zin-yo) catalog. Find the color you like, then get the paint code off the back.

    Here is another great color:
    2007 BMW G650X Challenge

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