Draining carbs on a CBR F3
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Thread: Draining carbs on a CBR F3

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    Draining carbs on a CBR F3

    My wife has a CBR F3, and I can drain the first two carbs (sitting on the bike, going from left to right) but I just can't seem to get at the other two. Even with the tank and fairing off, I just can't seem to get a screwdriver in there. I think with a really long stem screwdriver and some patience, I could probably do the third one, but the far right one......

    Any other F3 owners have some tips?
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    seriously... go buy a longer screw driver. youll use it again next year.

    it was hard to do the carbs on my 900 and we used a socket set with all the extensions we could. it worked but it was flimsy

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