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    need some help

    well i have been slowly taking steps to getting my bike set up for winter storage. I have a full tank of gas and have put in the fuel stabalizer. Today i was going to do an oil change on it but when i went to start it it wont go! At first i thought it was the battery since it trys to start and then slowly fades. But then it cant be the battery otherwise the electronic starter wouldnt be making the usuall buzzing noise? My only other thought is that it has been sat for about a week without being started and it is also cold out when i tried to start it today, but i was told that you start it and let it run for about 5-10 min and to do it bi weekly?

    Any suggestions on what might be wrong with it would be great! I plan on getting a batter charger off my friend tonight and see what happens tomorrow when i have at her again!

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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    Is the engine actually cranking over or is it just a faint buzz? If it's the later, my money is on not enough juice to crank it over. The starter takes much more current to run than anything else on the bike. It will still make a little buzzing noise (fuel pump?) when the battery is too drained to crank the engine over but that's all you'll get. Charge it up and see what happens.

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    shiet....haha....I had the same problem today! I changed the oil filter and the oil last week and drained the carbs, but just left it there in my garage for a week. At first I forgot to put my gas to "ON" to let the gas into the bike, but even after I pushed it to "ON" it wouldnt start. As you said, its been so cold. I thought to myself it must be the battery cus I had the same fading problem. So instead of using jumper cables and my car, I kinda pushed it up and down my driveway (pretty long) a couple times or more and then tried to start it. It took a while, but it eventually started it. Learned this from a friend. I'm not that sure, but I'm guessing push starting it is better than jumping it with cables. I've heard that racers do the very beginning when the racer is on the bike and two mechanics push him until the bike starts...I dunno, saw it on the kawi 10R preview posted by Human. might have to use jumper cables or the battery charger...I havent used a battery charger before, and also need to get one, but I think you have to jump it. Nothing more you can do. Good luck...Dont worry..nothing is wrong with your bike.

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