Polished Wheels Okay for Track?
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Thread: Polished Wheels Okay for Track?

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    Polished Wheels Okay for Track?

    I haven't seen anybody on the track in Mission with polished wheels/frames but then again I've only been there once. I realize it's a hassle to keep them clean and racers could care less but are they allowed on the track?

    WMRC Rulebook states all lenses (both reflective and headlight) must be fully taped if not removed. (#11, pg6) but I couldn't find anything on polished parts.

    I could understand that polished parts may reflect in the sun and blind a rider momentarily but is it a unwritten or written rule that polished parts are something to stay away from on the track.

    I look at Paul Tracy's helmet in CART and it makes me wonder.

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    Go ahead and polish the piss outta it, it will be legal,BUT, you might find that people will give you NO room on the track if your ride s too "Joe Hollywood" (pimped out)
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    here is a old pic of a kawasaki superbike with a polsihed frame ,,who knows if it''s track appropriate ,but you gotta figure if you can't ride like rossi your gonna get slamed for it i think .

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    Yes it's OK to have a polished frame and or wheels. A clean shiny race bike will go through tech quicker than a dirty beat up P.O.S. everytime.

    You might want to keep the wheels away from the track side vendor's though, they don't have the time to take care not to scratch your rims.

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    The let me on no problem at Mission. Rick's right, even with normal tire changes be careful who you give them to to have the tires changed. I got mine back with a really bad gouge in them once and this was the day I finished polishing them. Best bet is getting a spare set of rims for racing.

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    Jason R
    Your gona wish your bike was all black! dirt and grime sucks but maybe with polished rims it will come off easyer.

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    There's probablly a good reason that Kawi is polished or at least not painted. It's easier to detect stress cracks if they aren't hidden under a coating of anything. To me that frame doesn't look that polished. I think it's more the fact there's just no paint or other coatings on it.

    Yeah, to do a school or whatever would be fine but the mechanics are hard on stuff and if you drop it the gravel will scratch the snot out of them. A spare set would be nice but pricey. So if these are all you got or want to get then just use 'em.
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