synchronizing carbs?
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Thread: synchronizing carbs?

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    synchronizing carbs?

    what are some symptoms of unsynchronized carbs? i heard discoloration of the exhaust manifold? any others?

    and would anyone here have a manometer or a vacuum gauge setup i can rent/borrow, if i do need to synchro my carbs?

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    The only symptom you're likely to see, is a wobbly idle, unless it's super-paralytically bad. Synching carbs is a last step to a perfect tune. Oil change and spark plugs, valve adjustments are first order of business. Synching around other problems does you no good.

    I use a Morgan Carbtune 2. It's a real nice piece of kit. I don't ever lend it out but I do use it to help fellow riders, as long as they do the grunt work involved. Unless I'm being paid to do the grunt work, of course.


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