Need help from SOCOM (PS2) players
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Thread: Need help from SOCOM (PS2) players

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    Need help from SOCOM (PS2) players


    Anyone who has finished SOCOM: Navy Seals (the first one) could maybe help me.
    I've been stuck on the prison break mission for like two weeks and it's starting to piss me off.
    My only question is how do you make it to the explosive diversion plant location without tripping the warning alarms?
    I stay low, I only take out those people directly in my way and in the towers, but when I'm about halfway around the complex, the friggin' alarm starts blowing.
    Any suggestions?
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    Sorry I can't help you myself, but here's where you should be able to find your answers when you're totally stuck:

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    DUDE.. i got stuck on this same fricking level...

    use the sniper rifle to take out the dudes in the watch tower... keep your eyes on where they look... you need to go slow. when you get around the back... there is a rock next to the wall. tell your guys to stealth to crosshairs next to the rock. use the rock to get over the wall. then stealth around the inside of the area set the bomb and tell the team to attack to bravo i think. and go from there. it takes forever... but the big break for me was finding that rock to get into the compound to set the bomb.

    try that. i never actually passed it. i gave up and gave the PS2 back to my friend

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    i passed the level but set the alarm off

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    yeah that bad boy was hard,pic of all the fo0lks in the watch tower and keep to the shadows i dunno what else to say cept tear it up if the alarm goes off and hope you get the prisoners and everyone before the chopper gets there

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