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    Unhappy oil leak

    okay so heres my situation:
    i took my bike in last week to imperial motorcycles for a full tune-up (valve adjustment and everything else). and ive had my front fairings off since the tune-up, and today after a long ride i noticed that its leaking a bit of oil (enough that there is now some oil sploches on my shoe). The oil appears to becoming from the engine behind and 3 inches down from where the LARGE hose that comes from the Radiator and passes through the frame (on the right side of the bike). sorry, im not very mechanically inclined so thats the best description i can give. anyways, my question is this: could this oil leak be a result of the tune-up? did they maybe forget to tighten up something after they were finished with the valves? or is this just an old problem that i only noticed now cuz the fairings are off? thanks for the help!

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    Try and wipe away the oil with a cloth from the area it's coming from,clean up the whole area. Then look very close to where the the oil is coming out ( use a flashlight, it might help) that way you will know where it is exactly coming from and you can be more descript. That way someone will be able to tell you if its a seal or gasket or if maybe something was not tightend down properly. Without being more descript, it is hard to find out where the leak is.


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