Jardine RT-1 on ZX9R
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Thread: Jardine RT-1 on ZX9R

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    Jardine RT-1 on ZX9R

    Here's my note to Hammy the Can Man, who sold me the new bolt-on for my ZX9.


    I got the RT-1 Street today. What a sweet looking pipe it is! Mounted it
    right away. There were some small fitment issues. The bolt supplied was too
    short to bridge the gap between the super-tight clamp and the width of the
    hanger on the footpeg. A longer bolt from my generous old bolt supply solved

    The pipe has a very subtle note, as I wanted. Down low, it sounds alot like
    stock but, up high, it truly frees the ZX9's sound in a delicious low toned
    howl that is really demonic sounding. Not the pipe for the "Loud pipes save
    lives" set but, for the discerning engine note aficianado, it's awesome.

    Thought you'd appreciate a little feedback, since getting the street pipe
    was a bit of a hassle in the first place.

    Wish it wasn't going to rain for the next five days, according to the
    forecast. Oh well.

    Thanks again,


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    i run a "race only' arrow carbon ,low it's really nice ,even around 2-3000 cruising speed..oops i mean cops are near speed ..but wacked open it's really loud .I love it that way .No probs with the cops but my friend has a ackro on the same bike ,It's not nearly as loud.

    I never even use my horn ,couple revs of the right hand gets more attention than the roadrunner beep from a horn

    I always like the JARDINE , i thought it was more of a honda fitment .any pics ?

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    lol, forget the exhaust, most of the time the dual lights on my 6R are enough....people keep thinking I am on high beam...that's till I high beam them to let them know those are my regular lights...lol

    When I used to work the night shifts, my neighbour (disturbed) would know when I left my house as according to him his entire living room would be flooded in light as I turned onto the street...lol
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    Check the Jardine website, there,s a ZX9 in their catalogue with an RT-1 on it. Also, check Hammy the Can Man's site.


    Hammy's site will link you to Jardine.

    For me, Jardine brings back memories of cheapo Harley and cruiser pipes, frankly but, I'm older than most.

    As for the two lights, I load tested the harness and the 2000+ ZX9R can easily handle a 55/100 upgrade. That makes high beam absolutely searing and greatly increses its range without adding stress day to day. It beats many projector setups (especially the fake ones) for range and spread.


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