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    Post Anybody Get Deals On Airfare?

    Does anybody have a lead on some tickets for any of these locations, all flights must be return tickets. I am looking for 8-12 tickets, not sure on the exact amount yet. Any help would be nice.
    The dates are January 16th-19th.

    Choice #1

    Victoria, BC, Canada to Las Vegas, NV

    Choice #2

    Vancouver, BC, Canada to Las Vegas, NV

    Choice #3

    Seattle, WA to Las Vegas, NV

    For us to use option 3 it would have to be super cheap cause it'll cost us at least $150 just go get to Seattle.

    I have found Victoria/Las Vegas for $531CDN or Vancouver/Las Vegas for $400CDN

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    My lil bro works at Flight Centre and they have a deal on Vegas tickets for 99$+tax (which works out to be more then the ticket). you could check thier web site / maybe they would give you a package deal for a group, maybe cut the tax or something.

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    sounds like someone turned 21 and him and a bunch o friends are going down to vegas to live it up!!!

    good luck bert if you're goin, hope you score big down there!

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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    cant go wrong wif the vegas hookers and coke....oh wait..i think this shtick is gettin' old....meh..fuck it...VEGAS AND HOOKERS!!!!
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    you know what funny....before Sat even mentioned hookers....the minute i saw he posted a reply..i KNEW hed mention Vegas cant think of anything else cept gettin his dick wet with a hooker
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