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    question for stunters

    hey i just watched a vid of a guy doin no handed circle wheelies,,my question is wouldn't you have more trick options if you HAd a THUMB operated rear brake lever (they sell em noit cheap though) then you wouldn't have to hover over the rear brake and could use you legs doing someother shit ? how about a no handed standing on the tank circle wheelie ?

    i wish i could stunt ,,but i've decided my brain doesn't want to co-operate.I'll just watch

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    yes. lots of pro stunnas are already using thumb breaks. There is a guy doing circle wheeies with his feet over the bars... or most call it a "High chair circle wheelie". Freaking incredible.
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    Yea they're out there. Just alot of people don't use them because they look at it as cheating (not stunting with a more or less stock bike)

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