Ankle Brace Shops / Ankle Sprain Rehabilitation (REPOST from another thread)
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Thread: Ankle Brace Shops / Ankle Sprain Rehabilitation (REPOST from another thread)

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    Ankle Brace Shops / Ankle Sprain Rehabilitation (REPOST from another thread)

    It depends on which ligaments you have sprained. Did you sprain the outside, inside or top high ankle sprain. Different braces are indicated in each case.

    There are a number of options:

    Active Ankle

    (Those London Drugs jobs don't so squat except maybe limit some swelling, no stability whatsoever)

    The best place is to go is SPORTMED in langley, in walnut grove. They hire only kinesiologists and they really know their stuff. They'll set you up according to what you need, what sport you play, the type of shoes you wear, if you have orthotics, other sports you play, etc. All these factors play into what brace you'll get.

    Another great place is KINTEC Footlabs, I use them all the time. Pretty good selection as well, and it may be closer to you in Surrey. At work I use them much more than SPORTMED cause its way closer to the clinic (right beside us!). They're right behind Surrey Memorial. Tell Lorraine / John that Ben sent ya!

    Any SPORTMED location is good though, if you live in Vancouver, go to one on Oak and 23rd. Ask for Kevin, tell him Ben from the Old Boy's (Rugby) sent you.

    Check you extended medical coverage thru your own, your spouse or your family. You may be able to get some or all of it covered.

    But its only a temporary measure. If you've only rolled your ankle twice you ligaments are probably somewhat looser, but not chronicly bad. Using a brace WILL help, but in the long run the ankle will get even weaker cause you're not having to use the muscles that normally "catch" you when you're about to go over.

    You can probably tell that I work as a physio....

    You need to rehab it properly. Being lazy and just getting a brace will lead to more problems down the road, like a chronicly loose and weak ankle that you HAVE to brace.

    Taping has been shown to be superior to braces as well, if applied properly.

    But things you must work on for rehab:
    1) Strength
    2) Balance

    Strength - The ligaments, primarily Anterior Talofibular ligament, sometimes Calcaneofibular ligament if its pretty bad, and Posterior Talofibular ligament if you really wrecked it are loose / stretched / torn. When ligaments are stretched, they can tighten a bit, but once they're stretched, they're stretched. I'm guessing that this is a lateral ankle sprain (90% of ankle sprains) (vs. medial / high). So the stability of the ankle is compromised, and ankle joint is looser. So you must compensate and tighten up the ankle with what's left, which is muscle. So you need to strengthen you ankle in all 4 directions, up, down, out, in. You need get it even stronger than the normal side cause its looser now. Especially turning the ankle out with weights or tubing cause the out side of the ankle is damaged

    Balance - They are receptors inside the ligaments that control balance / proprioception. Once ligaments are torn / stretched, those receptors are gone. That's why your balance sucks on the injured side. You need to increase the gain on the remaining receptors and work on balance. To work on balance u must be out of balance. So stand on a single leg, stand on two legs and close your eyes, stand on a pillow, hops from side to side, work on a wobble board, stand on a single leg on your toes, etc.

    Unless you work on these two components, you will keep having ankle sprains, and they will get weaker and weaker (sorry to scare you, but most people don't know this). I work with teams year round and have to drill this into them.

    Sorry about the length, but hope this helps.

    To summarize
    Braces can work, but rehab is better. In the long run rehab (simple exercises) will prevent further ankle sprains. You can also have it taped preventatively which also is great if you have the qualified personnel available.


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    The sports med shops will rape you with how much they charge for ankle braces. WHen I was checking prices, all the sports med places charged $70 each for the active ankle and then I looked into Northern athletics and MVP and they told me $45 each. You can geuss where I went, MVP since it was closer. I have dealt with Northern Athletics and they are good to deal with.
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