1983 Yamaha RZ350. 1150 OBO!
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Thread: 1983 Yamaha RZ350. 1150 OBO!

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    1983 Yamaha RZ350. 1150 OBO!

    Alright, tuition is forcing me to do this, but I've got to sell my RZ350.

    It has 53,000 kilometres. I don't know if it has been rebuilt, but it runs well on both cylinders
    All bodywork is complete, though the nose fairing has 2 cracks on the bottom.
    Brakes are good,
    new rear tire.
    new kickstart gear

    Cosmetically it is not the best, the stitching in part of the seat
    has come undone (the cover is not actually torn,) and it could just use a very thorough detailing.

    I will post pics up in about 7 hours, I just need to get to my home computer and post them up.

    Needs some TLC. It ran fine when I parked it, now it doesn't. It starts ok and then dies when warm and won't restart.

    1150 OBO. Will also consider a trade for a sportbike project (Katana, old Gixxer, FZ etc)
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