new sportbike rally-read this if u ride.
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Thread: new sportbike rally-read this if u ride.

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    new sportbike rally-read this if u ride.

    At the rate our sport is growing i think that we could use another rally during the season. Theres Really only one based for sportbikes right now and thats SPORTBIKE WEST, which is a great rally with a huge attendence. I've been thinking of setting up another one, probably in the month of july, near armstrong-enderby which is an hour and a half north of kelowna, 5 hours east of vancouver and 5.5 hours west of calgary.

    The spot we have picked out is great and would be awesome for a weekend of camping,riding and partying. This is all just kind of a rough copy of what we had in mind. there would be 2 nights of camping, a breakfast a hotdog/pop lunch and a dinner included, it would be ran the same way as most rally's with dealer displays,door prizes,show and shine, some games, a bike wash, organized and guided rides and of coarse beer gardens. I'd really like a response to see what everyone thinks of this so i have an idea of what the numbers would be like and if it would be worth putting on another rally in the summer and before i go and start talking to sponsors,dealers and make bookings and such. I think it would go over really well. Thanks for reading this, If U are interested please e-mail me your e-mail address or pm me so i can keep all informed of how things are going. I will also keep watch on the post for thoughts and suggestion. Thanks alot,
    Ray "the Butcher" bucknell

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    Count me in.Shit,any excuse to go for a long ride. But what i would really like to see is one in the spring say Victoria area.I go there in may every year to mooch off my buds and ride the great roads there and the weather always seems to be nice at that time of year.I know there is always loads of events in the summer but in the spring they seem to be lacking.

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    hey john,
    i was thinking spring time would be a good time for it, i just wasnt sure how many people would want to have it in the spring, say may/june, either because of the weather or the cold of camping, even though it probably would not be that bad. the problem i had with the spring is that the river beside the campground would be at high, so it would be too cold to swim in, but everyone will probaly be to busy riding anyways. i'll keep in touch man, hopefully this thing will work out.

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    Sounds like you're pretty set on the location but I know for me and probably most island riders, two rally's near Kelowna in mid-summer would be a bit much - really! I can't afford to take 2-3 days off work then 5-6 again for SBW a month later.

    What I would do however is participate in a local event or even a lower mainland (anywhere 1-2 hours from Vancouver) rally.

    Two rally's in one month = D.I.V.O.R.C.E.

    Good luck with it though, more rally's the better IMO - just not for poor old me.

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    Next july? In the interior? Im in.

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    i know about 15 people that would go.

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    Another ride in the Valley.Im in.Keep me posted.

    Will it be on a paved road? Not to trash SBW,cuz its great.Always a good time.But the dirt road really sucks,especially this year with how dry it was.

    If you havent allready go here.
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    hey guys,
    this is a great location for a rally, its paved right up to the lot and then u drive right onto grass, big long staright stretch infront for doing wheeelies and stuntin' around. the whole lot is grass and, no dirt or anything and theres a great river right beside it. and its within ten minutes of great roads. thanks for all ur suggestions, keep posted and KEEP TELLING PEOPLE!!!, this will be a sweet rally. and we could all always use another reason to go riding!. thanks for the link adam, i cant belive i didnt know about that message board. iam going to post there right now, see yah guys.

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    I'm in if vacation time allows.
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    Sounds good let me know if you need any help.

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    Bring it on

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    sounds good to me
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    Let me be the girl and ask the question... are there any hotels nearby this location for those of us who aren't into camping and packing a bunch of gear onto the back of a sport bike?
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    More events = more fun

    P.S. Jody, I thought you could tow a motorhome with that R1??

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    I'd do my level best to try and get there to.

    I also agree with R1 Girl, and would be looking for a motel.

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