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    There goes another $1Million USD.
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    prob more like 4 mil ,,,still funny though

    knowing canada we probably bought that thing after it took a dive

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    1 mill-4mill.....Man try like 20 mill those things are crazy expensive.

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    It looks like an old Chinook, circa 1960's at best. Look at all the money we save on maintenance!

    But seriously those guys are prolly goners. Look how quickly it sank. It still amazes me that subs can only dive to 300 meters, ocean floor is still a long way down.
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    I'd say that the pilot seriously miscalculated his approach or he had a mechanical malfunction that prevented him/her from flaring at the proper speed/altitude. Regardless, like Devon wrote that crew probably didn't survive as that copter sank pretty fast and even if anyone did get out, the wash from the screw of the ship most likely spun them like a top so they didn't know which way was up.
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    the turbulance from the superstructure can cause strange shift in wind. If you ask me, he came in too low and too fast, it might have been ok if it was a static landing pad, but the turbulance made it a tragic mistake.
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