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    A projects manager is faced with the task of having to lose one of his personnel due to cut backs. He manages to shorten the list to two people, Debbie or Jack.

    Both are equally qualified and experienced, respected and liked and turn in good work. The manager finally decides that as he can't decide he will sack the first one of them to use the water dispenser the next day.

    The manager waits and at 5 to 9 Debbie comes in somewhat the worse for wear after a seriously good night and walks to the water dispenser and has several cups.

    Seeing this the manager calls Debbie into his office and says, "Debbie I am going to have to lay you or Jack off". Debbie looks at him and replies, "Well can you Jack off 'cos I have a stinking headache!!"

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    Love it dont know where ya get these but there great~!

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