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Thread: CRX help...won't start...

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    CRX help...won't start...

    I need help!

    Does anyone have experience with CRX's? My friend's car won't start sometimes...we jump it to get it going and it'll be fine for awhile, then one day it just won't start...the battery is brand new...jumping it is just a temporary solution but sooner or later it just won't start...I can't seem to find any other outright electrical problems either...I've done online research and I'm coming-up with "main relay", "coils", "fried fuse", "distributor"...does anyone have a different opinion, or can offer an explanation? I don't want to see my friend take her car to a garage and get a bill for shitwork...


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    i assume you've already put a multi-metre on the battery and checked to make sure it's charging while the car's running, right?

    when you try and start it for the next however many times before you've got to jump it again, is the cranking rpms as strong? ...or do they gradually die off?

    how's it run with the lights, window wipers, heater motor goin ? lights dim?

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    try measuring the battery if it reads 13.4v when the car is running, if not, the car may not be charging, and most likely the alternator is the culprit

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    Are the battery terminals corroded to hell? I had that exact same problem with my truck when the rains started up the first time in October.

    The corrosion was so bad that the leads were getting intermittent contact with the battery poles.

    Does the solenoid click when the car wont start?

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    I had the same problem with my car. It's a Golf though. It turned out to be the fuel pump relay.
    The next time it doesn't start, put the key in the ignition and put it on accessories only. You should hear the pump wind up. If you don't or if you're not sure, just remove the relay and use a piece of electrical wire to do a bypass within the relay socket.
    If your buddy has the repair manual for his car, it should tell him exactly what pin to connect together to do the bypass. Takes 5 minutes. $30 repair if that's what it is.

    If it's not the pump relay, I'd say it some other relay that's sticking open when the car if turned off and drains the battery.

    Hope that helps.

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    hey, thanks for the replies everyone...we have time tomorrow, so i'm gonna see what's up with the car...sparkle: looks like it may well be the main relay...something about re-sodering (spelling?)...

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    Yup probably the alternator like has already been said.

    This the same Gizmo from RS?

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