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    raised front

    when i was putting my project bike together with CG, the forks are supposed to extend about 5/8" above the triple clamp. however, i only found that out after the fact. i really don't want to pull it apart again so what would be the effects of having the entire bike (forward of the forks) 5/8" higher than what it should be?

    my bike seems to be running fine but i don't want it to just break apart when i'm running at 8/10th pace.....

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    Wouldn't a raised front end make the steering geometry screwed? Kind of like when you overload a pickup and the front end gets light and hard to handle?
    I'm not sure, but it doesn't sound like a good idea to me. I'd prolly just bite the bullet and pull it apart.
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    lowering the front sharpens up the steering, so i would imagine raising it has the opposite effect.

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    you don't have to pull anything apart ,support the bike and lossen all th ebolts that hold the triple to the forks and drop then down ,,ake sure to measure both accurately and tighten ,,that's it

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    Border is quite right. It'e even easier since your bike has a center stand. Just loosen the triple clamp bolts up and have the dead weight friend leaning on the rear ease off a trifle until it slides down that far.

    Having the front end high not only makes the steering seem lazy but it makes the front end want to turn in at parking lot speeds. Sort of heavy feeling like the bike is fighting you to keep from turning.
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    If you lower the bike in the tripple clamps you put more weight on the rear of the bike and less on the front....Raise the bike in the clamps and you load up the front of the bike with your body weight...heavy steering but loads a grip... this should be done in very small intervals..like 2 mm at a time..but that bike I wouldnt worry too much about performance !!

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