Any pilots here?
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Thread: Any pilots here?

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    Any pilots here?

    I wrote an aptitude test a couple of years ago. Helicopter and fast jet pilot were both on there. It said I like the change of environment and the dynamics of always having a new situation every time you fly.

    I'm nearing the end of an econ degree, realizing 1) There aren't very many jobs and 2) I don't see myself making a career as a desk jockey. So, I looked into the pilot thing. It's expensive. 44 grand for the heli school in Langly. I don't really want to do the military route, but I can join as a Direct Officer (I think thats the name). It's for people who have completed a bachelor's degree, you are garunteed training as a pilot. But! After you receive your wings, you have to garuntee 7 years service. Not my bag.

    So, now for the big questions. Is it worth it? Do you like your job? Is the pay decent? Do you get much airtime? Are there jobs, or is it a struggle? Fixed vs. Rotary wing?

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    I initially went into flying as a career choice , now I just fly for recreation . Get your float training there's nothing like landing in remote lakes for a day.

    I don't know if it's worth it or not . That industry is feast or famine. I did 1 year at Trinity and the government was picking up the tab for the second year . The program was cancelled at the end of my first year and I didn't want to do anything but be a SAR tech so that's where I ended it. The guys I went to school with struggled for about 2 to 5 years getting jobs now there doing OK All I can say is the guys that made it eat sleeped and lived airplanes they were consumed by them . My motive was to to Search and Rescue and have a shop on the side.

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    None right now...


    Everyone I know who's gone the military route (and who has graduated) has been happy with the choice.

    Speaking as a private pilot who has no interest in flying a glorified transit bus around, I still wish someone had told me I could have gone through the military route when I was of an age where that would have been useful. I only found out when I was too old, and once I had glasses, that I could have got my pilot's license for free, and flown jets.

    Remember, giving some years of service in exchange for your training doesn't mean you'll be posted overseas. You could be flying Twin Otters, Dash 8's, or helicopters all over Canada. And getting paid for it.

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